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Hi, it's me, Ishita

I'm a versatile creator, seamlessly blending the art of brand design with the science of digital marketing and the trusted mentor for early-stage startups (0-1 years).


As a digital wizard, I navigate the data-driven realms to conjure strategies that propel your brand to new horizons. From crafting brand identities to developing marketing strategies, I'm here to help you embark on your entrepreneurial adventure.

In this world of pixels and innovation, I merge the art of design and the science of strategy into a canvas that's vivid and exhilarating. With a keen eye for aesthetics, I've danced in the fashionable world, bringing style and flair to brand expressions.

Let's set off on a journey that's as fun as it is creative, as modern as it is elegant, and as relevant as it is ingenious. Together, we'll create brilliance that resonates, innovates, and celebrates your unique journey in this ever-evolving digital world, no matter what niche you choose to explore.

  • Croissants with Jam
    Feta Cheese

  • Art

    Color Theory


    Meditative Walks


    Learning new skills

  • Figma




You'll generally find me   sipping rose tea,
listening to celestial music, with my laptop

perched on my maroon velvet couch amongst a

myriad of books and color swatches.

Behind the Studio

Brand Strategy and Identity Design

why I love it?

Crafting brand strategies and identities is more than a profession—it's a passion. I thrive on the alchemy of transforming visions into tangible, impactful identities that resonate with audiences and breathe life into businesses. Each project is a journey of discovery, where every detail infused with meaning and purpose becomes a vital element in the narrative of success.

why I love it?

why I love it?

Website Development and E-commerce Integration

why I love it?

Creating websites and integrating ecommerce is all about strategy for me. I love weaving together strategic thinking and creativity to craft digital experiences that captivate users and drive meaningful interactions. It's about turning visions into functional, visually compelling platforms that elevate brands.

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