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Luxurious, modern branding for a professional, elevated Business

Don't let your brand hold you back from attracting your dream clients and building the business you've always wanted.

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Brand Strategy and Identity Design

A custom brand identity is the foundation of your entire brand. This is your key to feeling confident, attracting your dream clients, and standing out in a crowded online market. By the end you will have a brand you're truly proud of and will get your business the results you are hoping for.

  • Client Questionnaire

  • 2 Exhaustive Brand Strategy Calls

  • Custom Logos

  • Typographic Brand Marks

  • Brand Strategy Document

  • Color Palette

  • Font Styling

  • Brand Artistic Elements 

  • Image Style Direction

  • Brand Guidelines

Indicative turnaround: 6 weeks

Custom Brand Identity

Elevated aesthetics with intentional strategy and our own personal design artistry to craft indulgent experiences that has your customers wanting more


Creatives/Artistic Ventures

Luxe Jewelers

Boutique Fashion Enthusiasts

Service Providers

Conscious Business Owners

Luxury Hospitality

Self-Care Centric Start-ups

We vibe with

Our approach


that makes your brand Impossible to ignore


Make it Official

We can start with a discovery call or jump right into the application if you know I’m the designer for you.


Complete Questionnaire

You’ll love how simple I’ve made it to identify what your business does, your brand’s unique purpose, and what success looks like to you.


Strategy Call

I’ll come to this call with a few design ideas so we can discuss what you love, go over your questionnaire, and nail down your style.


Design Implementation

I’ll do my thing – creating a solid strategy and intentional brand and/or website design. I always include mockups and guidelines to show you how to use everything I create. 


The Launch Phase

This is the best part! I create launch graphics for social media and I am here to support you and celebrate the launch. Pop the bubbly and watch the dream clients line up! 

The Process


Website Design and Development

Once you have a custom, intentional brand – bring it all together with website design that shows off your brand and elevates your entire business. We will build you a custom designed and developed Squarespace, Wix or Shopify website so your business can have strategically built beautiful website that you can't wait to show off!

  • In-depth Questionnaire

  • Website Strategy Call

  • Website Content Guide

  • Bespoke website 

  • Responsive design

  • Basic SEO

  • Website launch support

  • Retainer services option

Indicative turnaround: 8 weeks

Website Design


 E-commerce Integration

We are offering holistic e-commerce integration for Shopify and Wix platforms, optimizing online business functionality and much more.

  • Storefront setup

  • Product listing

  • Payment setup

  • Theme customization

  • Lead magnet implementation

  • SEO-optimized category mapping

  • Simplified product segments

Indicative turnaround: 8 weeks

 E-commerce Integration


 Strategic Consultation

Harness our versatile and extensive expertise through strategy and optimization consultation calls, fostering growth and trust-building.

  • Social media guidance

  • Rebranding concepts

  • Go-to-market strategy

  • Compelling narratives

  • Trust-building tactics

  • Content strategy

As per Availability


 Strategy & Optimisation Consultation

a la CARTE

Additional design services that can be availed

  • Business Card/Letterhead

  • Social Media Templates

  • Social Media Monthly Retainer

  • Media Kit Design

  • Workbooks/Templates

  • Website Copywriting

  • Blog Design 

  • Email Newsletter

  • UX/UI

  • Packaging Design

  • Ad Campaign Design

  • Merch Design

  • A brand strategy is a long-term plan to managing your entire brand. Think of it as a manual that guides you when you have to make decisions that concerns your brand. For us, brand strategy is everything between your mission statement to brand story to competitor analysis all the way to target audiences.

  • In short, no – I do not offer logo only packages. I believe wholeheartedly in the brand strategy process as it ensures your brand’s visual identity is in total alignment with the mission, values & goals at the core of your business.
    To me, designing a logo without brand strategy is like trying to make a meal with whatever ingredients are left over in the fridge. Yeah, it’ll do the job – but it’s not going to be a standout brand.

  • We generally prefer to work on a brand design with a clean slate, starting from strategy. This ensures that the designs we create are aligned with your strategy and is targeted for your ideal customer. However, we’re still open to working with an existing design depending on the quality and the groundwork behind it. Get in touch with us and we’ll talk.

  • Unfortunately my process doesn’t allow for this. Colour, typography and style exploration for a client’s branding is guided by my brand strategy process. I always ask clients to keep an open mind as even though I do take into account personal preferences for colour, style, typography, etc. the brand strategy may provide other insights which nudge us in a different direction in order to accommodate factors such as standing out from competitors, appealing to the target audience and the positioning of your brand.

    My branding process is based on strategy, so I do try to encourage that strategy is placed before a clients' personal preferences. I understand that this doesn't appeal to all clients, so I like to be upfront about this to ensure we are both aligned, and expectations are managed.

  • We love working with non-traditional businesses! And this means most modern businesses like online coaching, educators, photographers, creative service providers, ecommerce brands, luxury brands, any non-conventional business. Not sure? Get in touch and we’ll see if we’re a good fit.

  • Our brand design projects can take between 6-8 weeks while our web design projects can take between 10-12. Collateral design projects depend on your requirements. I will provide you with a timeline guide for your project, however much of this is guided by how long it takes to receive client feedback. I do ask that clients provide feedback within three days to help the project stay on track.

  • Payments are broken into two or three parts – a 50% non-refundable deposit that secures your booking, phase wise payment in case of projects that require more than 12 weeks and a final balance payment that is to be received prior to the delivery of your final files.

  • I am usually booked up at least a month in advance for branding projects, so I do encourage clients to get in early to secure their spot.

    After submitting a contact form, I will get in touch with you to understand your brand’s vision, goals and mission as well as the services that you’re after. If we determine that we are a good fit to work together, I’ll send across an invoice for you to pay a 50% deposit and a contract for you to sign.

    Your project is only considered booked in once I receive this deposit and signed contract.

  • Brand and web design are investments that will give you returns in the long run. It’s good to have a clear idea of your brand’s core before inquiring. It also helps to know your project budget, additional design requirements and any planned launch dates. 

  • Font licensing costs are not included.
    Printing costs are not included.
    This is a brand and brand guidelines package and includes only digital goods.


If there is anything I haven't covered here,
Feel free to GET IN touch


You Deserve a Brand that works as hard as you do.

Fill out the project inquiry form and we will be in touch within 3 business days

Working with Ishita is a delight. She is not only talented but also incredibly professional, responsive, and easy to communicate with. Her dedication to delivering high-quality work is evident in everything she does.

Ishita's expertise in SEO, especially keyword research, and competitive intelligence, very detailed with clear insights, has been invaluable to our project, providing us with crucial information. This has empowered us to refine our product collection and better position key messaging. Additionally, her guidance in photography inspiration has facilitated clear communication of our needs and product essence to the photographer, resulting in outstanding outcomes.

I deeply value Ishita's ability to generate innovative ideas that align with current trends across products, social media, and marketing. She has a knack for suggesting and crafting compelling social media content that is not only captivating but also aligns with brand identity."

- Manali Acharya

I recently had my website designed by Ishita. Her dedication was commendable. With her impeccable organisation skills  Ishita made sure the project was delivered on time. She was great at understanding my design language and needs and her suggestions were on-point. I will highly recommend Ishita for anyone who is looking to add value to their website."

- Shruti Jesrani

Thanks a lot for the lovely templates you created. I have to say that these designs were absolutely spot on, just the way I wanted my work to reflect. I loved your colour sense and the way you finely used them in such a beautiful way. And the quickness with which you responded is truly commendable. I loved how you worked in a well organised flow.

I loved working with you and look forward to working with you again and for a longer term.

Sending you love and best wishes."

- Zanzanil, EBG

Influence and inspire your ideal audience through a memorable BRAND EXPERIENCE tailored to your mission, style and values.

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